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Welcome to Elan Avery’s official website!

Elan is an author of epic fantasy, surreal and psychological horror,
poetry, and academic essays and books on the nineteenth century.
Gather here to stay up-to-date on writings, publications, events, and to read her blog.

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Coming in 2020 from McFarland Publishers, as Jennifer Avery: Victorian Zombie
Victorian Zombie undertakes the monumental investigation into the zombie trope of the Victorian period by situating critical primary texts in a larger global historical discourse that reveals the overlooked but important role that the zombie plays in contexts such as gender politics, racial equality, disability, and nationalism. The Victorian zombie has a rich history that can be traced to representations dating back at least to its mythological and religious beginnings in Samaria, Egypt, Greece, and Israel, and has not, as many scholars insist, only become familiar in the modern age or through cinema.

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Join Elan as she pens the first book of nine in The Book of Eerst series!
The Order of Artemaya — the first of nine in The Book of Eerst fantasy series, introduces the world of Eerst as it nears its third Pull. Nine heroes emerge from ages past to combat the encroaching dark forces of the Severance and its Wing. Can the Circle of Nine and their Pentagram forge a path for the light before Eerst falls to the shadow?

You’ll find exclusive insights about Elan’s writing process, character snippets, exclusive teasers, and more.

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