When Positivity is Pernicious

I want to be upfront: I spent most of my life as a really negative person.

So, I have a disclaimer before I begin this post — there are certainly reasons that “toxic positivity” would resonnate with me right out of the gates.

First of all, negativity feels really easy and although I have had years when I have valued “the struggle” over ease, I think that most people gravitate toward what feels easy. Like, it’s easy to believe that the whispers of your fear are right, to allow fear to wrap you up in its cloak and to usher you out into an extremly scary world. In negativity, I have felt justified for being suspicous of people. Negativity led me to feel like I could separate myself from others, even elevating myself up above them. That feels good sometimes, right?

But it’s an illusion.

Breaking that illusion is really painful.

A lot of that breaking involves positivity, which I think is very useful. Actually, I feel like shifting my energy to be more positive (light-oriented) serves my spirit much more, bringing me closer to what I like to call “truth with a capital T.” It feels right. Opening myself to positivity has changed me in a lot of ways; it allowed me to imagine the possibility of what my fear told me was not possible — a beautiful world, a GOOD version of humanity. The value of just these things colors everything else. Indeed, positivity can heal where negativity only ever causes pain and suffering.

So I understand the value of positivity.

However, I do think that today’s culture of emphasizing only “good vibes” or trying to always reframe experience, thoughts, and emotions in a positive way can be detrimental, at least for where we are as a species at this particular moment in time/space (however you want to undertand that). As long as we are embodied in this “human” way I think that there remains some value in exploring darkness or, at least in acknowledging and “honoring” it (for lack of a better word).

I feel like in this human experience, the soul (essence, being, energy, vibration) has chosen this embodiment (dimension, perception, experience) for a reason. I don’t think that negative energy or darkness can easily be dismissed, or really can be. If we want to help ourselves and others heal the wound of bringing together the spiritual and the material/physical, then we need to create a space in which negative and positive can sit together over tea in a room full of friends.

Perhaps we will find a “truer” understanding of ourselves in this gathering.

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