About Elan

563 Author PictureThe young Elan was fascinated by the dark and when she picked up her first Victorian novel from the library in middle school, she stepped into a world from which she never returned.

The Victorian landscape of filth and light continued to live for Elan, as she earned a Ph.D. and began teaching courses and publishing on topics about global literatures in the nineteenth century. Her work supported her in many ways, such as helping her grapple with the death of her first daughter, Aislinn, from congenital heart disease, going through divorce, and learning to function as a single mother for her daughter, Opal.

Academic writing had always brought Elan joy. However, academic life and the everyday worries of parenting had eventually shaded her love of writing fiction. For many years, she simply felt that there was no space in the world anymore for a grown woman’s imagination.

Elan embarks on a journey now in order to resurrect her passion for creating worlds, jumping into them, and experiencing what might be without fear. She has discovered that she can live any dream she wants.


Elan Avery is the pen name of Jennifer Avery, nee McCollum.