The process of getting academic work polished and ready for delivery can seem impossible at times. True Nature Academic Freelance Editing Services specializes in helping clients refine their vision of academic genres, whether that means putting the final touches on a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, building a literary or business presentation from the ground up for a conference, or reimagining the application process for graduate school. True Nature caters especially to aspiring, enrolled, or independent “academics” in the Arts and Humanities who want professional, personal results that take their works to the next level. The range of services offered online at True Nature centers on Dr. Jenn McCollum’s expertise as a published academic author, seasoned conference presenter, and professor of English literature. Our editorial team excels at bringing out the true nature of even very confused projects. At True Nature the potential of each artifact is realized.

Clients can book me for a consultation in which we can discuss their editing needs, through the link below. Consultations via Skype are $25.00.

Students can schedule at time for free virtual office hours by clicking the link below, as well. Times are outlined and all conferences are free for students.


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