Diary 1: 1990-1992

September 25, 1990

Dear Diary,

Today I got with a group called “The Sisters.” It’s a bunch of friends. Jill, Wendy, and Amy are in it, too. We have secret codes. I also had gym today. We ran in a sprint. We ran three miles. I raced Amy Bouvier. My score was 9.1 seconds. We also played “Bizz, Buzz, Bam.” I threw-up at school. Jill and Wendy didn’t know what was going on!


Jenn Lea McCollum

January 16, 1991

Dear Diary,

Today Amy got mad at me. She was mad cause I told who she liked. She went up to me and straight-out told me she hated me. People kept coming up to my desk and kept asking questions. Well, who needs friends like her?! Well, today was a half day. John keeps trying to snap my bra! I like him a lot! He is cute!

Love ya!

Jenn McCollum

P.S. The Sisters suck!!!