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In this blog you will find some of the newsletters that I provide to patrons on Patreon about my fantasy series The Book of Eerst, musings about writing, and various posts related to fiction writing.

Planet Eerst: December 2019

Have you heard? Now you can loop into the Eerst Constellations! Welcome to Planet Eerst, a monthly newsletter with insider details about the writing of The Book of Eerst, a nine-book series by me, Elan Avery. Every writer needs readers, so feel free to support my writing on Patreon if you like what you see … Continue reading

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Homeschool and Stay Sane During the Pandemic

Homeschooling your elementary school-aged child for the first time during a global pandemic, while you are working and also doing ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. was not expected to be easy — but did you expect that it would be THIS hard? I’ve heard even my teacher friends complain that they can teach students just fine, but when teaching their own children, it’s a battle that they just can’t win.

In this video I share some best practices and tips for new homeschoolers who are low on time and energy…and patience. You can reach your goals and also keep your sanity!

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