Heavy Karma

Heavy Karma is a blog that explores various topics,
including a wellness diary, grimoire, metaphysical reflections,
and musings about life.

What is Karma, and Why Can it Feel Heavy?

I am so excited to release my first video blog post on my “Heavy Karma” YouTube Channel! This week I present my understanding of “karma” because I wanted to explain why the channel is named “Heavy Karma,” and also the … Continue reading

Rogue Agent: I am Now Binge Eating

I am a few months late here with this announcement, but I had the poem “I am Now Binge Eating” published in Rogue Agent‘s issue 65. The poem articulates the feelings of overeating and the sensations of food addiction. I … Continue reading

Food and Other Addictions

Growing up, we were poor. Poverty, I have learned as an adult, comes with its own traumas (though I often wonder if some of that trauma comes from those who have never been poor, looking in at poverty with fear). … Continue reading

Rejuvenation and the Cardinal Directions

A soft breeze is a wonderful thing, especially during the summer months. The summer is a time, too, to recharge intuitive powers. All that warmth and sunlight just invites a fresh perspective and a lighter outlook! The body feels a … Continue reading

Angitia and Parasite Cleansing

ANGITIA Healing Goddess Snake Goddess Poisoning and Toxicity Thaumaturgy When I began an herbal parasite cleanse for healing and vitality I sought a spiritual guide to aid my journey. I found Angitia, a rather obscure goddess worshipped in Ancient Italy. … Continue reading

To be a Witch

“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.” Margaret Adler, Drawing down the moon One reason that I blog is to keep good order of what I learn on my journey of … Continue reading

Drying Herbs

Summer is an excellent time to harvest herbs. With a surplus of wonderful-smelling plants everywhere you look, this season tells of untold pleasures especially for the kitchen witch, green witch, an Earth elemental witch, or any witch who works with … Continue reading

Compassion and Pity

Compassion and Pity I recently read about one woman’s experience at a Buddhist meditation retreat in India with an aged guru, and it prompted me to question what the difference is between compassion and pity; I found that the inquiry … Continue reading

Blacking Out and Taking Care of Yourself

I began blacking out due to hormones (and possibly other reasons) when I was pregnant with my first born, who died of congenital heart disease. While pregnant with her, I was an undergraduate and would have to leave class so … Continue reading

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