When Elan was a child she wrote two novels — Trauma and Sentiments — which she bound with staples and string.

When she was a preteen she discovered Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens while poking around at the local library, and fell in love with literature.

As a teenager, she read every work published by Stephen King up to that point, and ventured into reading horror fiction.

In college, as an undergraduate, she fell in love with nineteenth-century literature, and eventually went on to become professor of English in Victorian literature and global literatures, as well as Women’s Studies.

Elan’s fiction is gothic fantasy and surrealism that can be psychological and emotional. She shines a light on dark recesses, and captures the nature of the human spirit in a difficult — sometimes horrific — world. She enjoys creating apocalyptic and postapocalyptic spaces in which characters are pressed to confront unusual circumstances.

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Recent Posts

The Dream Approached

The dream approached my ear, I listened
As it crept from the house bones to the bed
Each grain of transmission thumbing through space
To ring the bell of a den designed for reverie
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