About me

Elan Avery is the pseudonym that I use to push my creative energy into the world.

I like to separate this facet of my existence from my everyday identification because I feel that I am a human with many faces and histories; I have not felt supported in presenting all of my parts as a whole to the world because I am afraid of how that entity will be received. Some pieces will certainly appear contradictory to those who are not yet open to the expansive nature of human-beingness.

The Writer

As a writer I like to take risks. Writing is a medium that allows me to explore the possibilities of human potential and to channel energies that approach me. Imagination is a gateway to knowledge.

The Crone

Being a witch allows me to explore my connection to the elements. I feel brave enough to explore the unknown, to journey into realms of consciousness, and to stand in my power. The crone archetype has always resonnated with me most.

The Dragon

Many people are starseeds: perhaps all. l feel a connection to the cosmos and I want to explore my soul affiliations. The fabric of my soul feels a yearning toward its home and a drive to heal and to move into light.