Rogue Agent: I am Now Binge Eating

I am a few months late here with this announcement, but I had the poem “I am Now Binge Eating” published in Rogue Agent‘s issue 65. The poem articulates the feelings of overeating and the sensations of food addiction. I … Continue reading

The Mother Wound: A Poem in Two Parts

This week for my writer’s group, the topic was to imagine sitting down to tea with your wisest self and giving your less wise self advice. Letter writing was encouraged, but the verse form appealed to me most, which is … Continue reading

The Dream Approached

The dream approached my ear, I listened As it crept from the house bones to the bed Each grain of transmission thumbing through space To ring the bell of a den designed for reverie

Aberration Labyrinth: Arrhythmia

I had a poem published in Aberration Labyrinth. I wrote “Arrhythmia” in 2011 when I was felt really depleted. I was recovering from some adrenal fatigue and had made a lot of changes in my life concerning my energy output. … Continue reading