Saving all her Love for Glory: Juxtaposing Human Nature in the Nineteenth-Century Novel. New Voices International Conference, Georgia State University, Atlanta (April 2006)

The Soluble Woman: Images of Ophelia in Jane Austen. New Directions in Feminist Scholarship, Clark University, Worcester (March 2006)

Talking Orange: Rene Magritte and Derridian Theories on Reality. Sigma Tau Delta Conference, Boise ID (May 2002)

Breaking Bread: short fiction.8th Annual Undergraduate Conference, Boston MA (May 2001)After-Birth: short fiction. 7th Annual Undergraduate Conference, Boston MA (May 2000)


Sexing the Zombie: The Changing Body of a Timeless, Global Fixation, Invited Talk, Academic Speaker Series, Landmark College (2015)

Sexing the Zombie, Interview, WKVT Radio (2015)

Finding the Balance between Theory and Action
. Invited Talk. English Department Spring Gathering, Westfield State College (May 2007)

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