“The Sublime and Disability in the Victorian Novel” uses Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility as a foundational text for understanding the disabled body and the sublime in Victorian fiction, especially the works of Dinah Craik and Charles Dickens.

“Demonic Possessiveness: Corporeal Possession in Horror Film” uses Paranormal Activity as a jumping point to theorize about how the body has been used in the horror genre as an incubating site for the power of otherness.


A Literary History of Female Pedophilia is a project that I have been researching since 2009.  In it I will track how authors and artists have (and have not) presented female pedophilia for public consumption.  My focus is on gender studies as I use this very rich history to grapple with why women continue to resist classification as pedophiles today in Western culture.


is a creative novella that follows Navy, a rogue Satanic hero, through his journey of discovering who he is and of his struggle to come to terms with a destiny that he does not necessarily want.  Helen Burns helps him to travel back to his formative years at a boy’s school in Deerfield where he must face a past that only comes to him in snippets of journal writing.  

The Street Kerrick centers on Kerrick Street, the last street left in America following the apocalyptic narrowing of Blinne Lonan’s world.  Blinne is a baker and traveling woman whose passion for living life in the fast lane degenerates as she pumps fantasy through her experiences to such a degree that she finds herself domesticated on an American shoreline, trapped on a small street that she can never leave.


Old-World Living for the New American Life is a joint venture with chef Larry Catterton.  The book combines traditional and lost techniques of using the land, preservation without chemicals or store-bought products, and cooking recipes with literary and cultural  history of American cookery, gardening, hunting, and foraging.

Several poems including “She is Urban Machinery,” “Auditorium,” and “In  Your School” are currently under consideration for the Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize in Calyx journal.

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Being Seen during a Wellness Journey

I have not made a post for about a month in this diary but this has not been because I have been lazy or in a binge coma. Actually, I keep considering the function of such a diary for me, at this point in my journey. I ask myself: what is the function of me logging in my food every day and documenting my exercise.

On one hand, it is because these steps motivate me. I can see my progress, and I can see the data and interpret it. Tracking in these ways also give me visibility, as if I am being seen in some way, which in turn provides me a sense of validation.

On the other hand, these things are not really real. I do already feel internal motivation just from a desire to be well and to reach a higher level of consciousness. And visibility is a lie, a farce — no one really sees me or knows me, not really, and certainly not more than I see or know myself.

So, the function of documenting and being accountable to a plan continues to perplex me. After almost one year of logging in my food and exercise and nine weeks of keeping this wellness diary on my website, I am not sure that I have reaped the benefits for which I hoped.

Then again, I feel today as if I am at a better place; yet, I always feel that way. Every day is another encounter with the unknown, every day, another opportunity to be tested and to learn about myself and the world.

I am not sure what shape this diary will continue to take, but I do like to express my feelings and thoughts about wellness on my own journey.

There is an element of letting go, even of acceptance, that I wish to work toward in my wellness journey. That, I feel, is a piece that will help other more visible elements fall into place.

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