In addition to being a writer, professor, mother, yogini, bringer of light, and dragon (I know…who has time for anything else, right?), Elan owns and operates two businesses.


TrueNatureTrue Nature Academic Editing Services supports clients in any step in the process toward publishing an academic work, broadly defined. Elan offers three editing models, including developmental work, creative expression, and writing mechanics. True Nature specializes in helping clients realize the “true nature” of a piece of writing.  


17657711_padded_logoAt Evolucidy, Elan is the project manager and creative director/co-owner (along with her husband). Evolucidy is a human-centered IT development company that works for a more positive relationship between technology and humankind. We support forward-thinking ideas that enchant the imagination and push humanity toward a brighter future.  Development is approached with magical thinking at Evolucidy.