The Book of Eerst

The Book of Eerst is an epic
fantasy series by Elan Avery.

The Book of Eerst Series Overview

The Parchate Era is about to end as Eerst experiences its third and final Pull: a catastrophic energetic event that shifts the magnetism on the planet to cause inversion and spread fear. With each Pull Eerst has fallen deeper under shadow as ancient forces of darkness materialize. Starleng and her birdlike Severance seek to fade out the light and claim Eerst as their own, with the help of their converts, the Wing. As the new age births a fresh Sever, champions of the light must fight for balance once again. Legendary powers and heroes return from ages past — the Bringers, Cziezen warriors, manifestations of the Triple Goddess and the Redeemer, Dreamwalkers, Dragonfae, and much more — to form the Circle of Nine and its Pentagram to stand in the light against the darkness.

Eerst Part One Early Banner

Book 1: The Order of Artemaya Overview

The people of Morrighan have experienced strange occurances, signalling the drawing of the third Pull. Although each archdom aligns with the Parchate, Pelloners ready their notorious military and tighten legislation after a female Cziezen is discovered. The Pinnacle issues a birthmark decree and a search begins for females with any of the five marks. Learen Maratash flees Pell with some new friends in search of safe harbor when she discovers that she is Peyta, a faction of curved spear weapon masters. A dangerous journey leads to the discovery of an underground order of warriors ready to usher in a new era.

Book 2: Seeks of the Stone Overview

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Book 3: A Gathering for Three Overview

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